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Scripture Readings

October 11
Job: 23:1-10
Mark 10:17-31
Sermon: Called to Follow Jesus

October 18
Job 38:1-7 and 34-41
Mark 10:35-45
Sermon: Why Jesus Came

Upcoming Events

Annual Charge Conference

Our annual charge conference is scheduled for Saturday November 7 at 10:00 am. The charge conference, chaired by the district superintendent, connects the local church with the conference. During the charge conference we will elect new church leadership for 2016, approve the pastor's salary for 2016, and hear from the superintendent about new initiatives. It is also an opportunity to update the district superintendent on what is happening at Aspen Community Church. Everyone is invited to attend and all members can vote. Hope to see you there!

Pastor Mike’s Previous Sermons

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A Church for the Community

A gathering place for musicians to rehearse and perform, groups to meet, yoga, AA and NA meetings and a place for those needing to find support. See our calendar of events.

Contact the Church and Rev. Mike Nickerson at 970.925.1571



A Church Rich with History

The Aspen Community Church building was built in 1890 and has been the home of a Presbyterian congregation, then a federated congregation in the 20’s and became a Methodist congregation in the 30’s.  It has served many generations of people in Aspen.

Recognizing the outstanding acoustics of the sanctuary, John Denver and the Dickens Carolers recorded their Christmas album here. For so many Aspen families, the Community Church has been a special place to worship, celebrate and grow in faith. Read about our history.


Welcome to Aspen Community Church

A Progressive United Methodist Congregation
with a commitment to community and outreach, and a love of music, learning, and worship

Last Saturday we had wonderful gathering for the Blessing of our Animals on the patio outside the church.  It was a perfect ‘St. Francis of Assissi’ day…sunny, just the right temperature and all the dogs and cats received their blessings with grace and good behavior!

We ‘parents’ were also inspired as individuals shared how they have been blessed by their animals.  Our lives have certainly been enhanced by our pets’ loyalty, trust and unconditional love...perhaps one of God's tangible ways of being present with us.  Certainly, our rescue pets, Lacey and Wesley, pick up on our ups or downs and seem to have just the right reaction to be happy with us when we’re up, or give us comfort when we’re down.  One person said, dog owners are lucky they have personal trainers who get them to take walks twice a day.

I think we can learn so much from the example our pets set for us.  Am I as much a blessing to others as they are to us?  As Christians we should be a blessing to the world and to each person we meet.  Just a smile, a word, or a small act of kindness can change someone’s whole day.

As you move through each day, take time to ask yourself, how can I be as much a blessing to another as my pet has been to me? 

Just a thought.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Mike

Partnering in Education and Aid for Kenya (PEAK)

Fundraising is starting up for the Aspen Community Church’s ongoing Kenya projects in Meru and Samburu, Kenya, and some exciting projects are being planned in anticipation of a January 2016 team trip!

The Aspen Community Church’s outreach and work in Kenya is now in its seventh year – an amazing effort, in partnership with other churches and Rotary International – currently providing clean water to thousands of students and teachers at more than 38 schools. In addition, we’ve helped build three school libraries, provided books and school supplies, food assistance, a computer lab, a school latrine, and more – all accomplished in collaboration with our inspiring Kenya partners.




Clean water has also led to improved education, as evidenced by a new survey system begun this year. The surveys showed that standardized test scores of every class have improved for the 28 schools surveyed. And the incidence of illness, due to impure water, has dropped to "nil." All the teachers report that these improved results are directly related to the clean water systems installed.

Hopefully, you received the recent letter with updates on the clean water systems, as well as details on other upcoming projects in 2016. If not, you can find more information and make a donation on the church’s website by clicking here. Or contact Debbie Welden, at

Our Kenya Fund at the ACC is supported by individual donations from ACC members and other fundraising efforts, but is receiving no funds from the church’s annual operating fund this year. Please show your support for our church’s work across the world, which is making such a life-changing difference for so many!